Production                                Production Company                Director

Features/Drama/Drama Doc

Rekindle                                             The Original Feature Company          Marios Hamboulides

Gone                                                  Ewan Bailey Films                              Ewan Bailey

Horror Of The Dolls                                 Davey Inc.                                          Shane Davey

Protect Me From What I Want            ITV Granada                                      Dominic Leclerc

Blind Date                                           Drama Centre London                       Bob Blagden

Nuclear Secrets Superspy                  BBC                                                   Chris Bould

Nuclear Secrets Superbomb              BBC                                                   Chris Bould

Circumnavigation                                BBC                                                   Chris Bould

The Missing Chink                              Touch Productions                             Kate Solomon

The Fishing Show                               Open Mike Productions                     Chris Cotham

Bare Knuckle Boxer                            Juniper                                               Rob Coldstream

Bad Blood                                           Just About Productions                      Steve Rankin

Arthur’s Amazing Things                    Martin Gooch Productions                  Martin Gooch

Invitation To A Hanging                      Juniper                                               Justin Hardy

Search                                                BBC                                                    Dirk Campbell


DHL                                                     Maverick Advertising                         Owen Rees

RBS                                                     Key Films                                          Sophie Key

SCATS - Just Perfect                          Pangaea TV                                      Carl Shanahan

Pot Noodle                                          Draw Pictures                                    Ben Unwin

Zoo Weekly                                         NMI                                                    NathanChurch/AlexHing

Impulse                                               MTV World                                         Paul Wilkinson

Sky Sports                                          Sky Promos                                        Wesley Forbes

Nickleodeon                                        Nickleodeon                                       Paul Wilkinson

British Airways                                    BA Film & Video                                 Various


The Jesus Quest                                 CTVC/BBC 1                                     David Batty

Volcano                                               Pioneer Productions                          Nathan Williams

Naked Earth                                        BBC                                                   Nick Jordan

The New Environmentalists            Darlow Smithson                           Louise Osmond

The Bible - Daughters Of Eve             Pioneer Productions                          Paul Tickell

Iran - Guarding The Revolution           OrTV International                             Dai Richards

The Bible - Creation                            Pioneer Productions                          Richard Sanders

Engineering The Battlefield                 Granada                                            James Millar

Big Guns                                             Granada                                            James Millar

Christianity - Jesus The Jew               Pioneer Productions                          David Batty

Christianity - The Reformation            Pioneer Productions                          James Buchanan

Secret Of The Great Pyramid              PSL Films                                          Peter Spry-Leverton

What happened To The 12 Disciples  Carbon Media                                    David Batty

Amr Khaled  - The Anti Bin Laden       Antelope                                            Mick Csaky

The Hidden Story Of Jesus                 Juniper                                               David Batty

Francesco’s Mediterranean                 BBC                                                   Andrea Carnevalli

Lost Royals                                          Granada                                            James Millar

The English Surgeon                           Eyeline Films                                    Geoffrey Smith

Anthology Of American Music             LoMax Films                                      Geoff Wonfor

Stairway To Heaven                            West Park Pictures                            Mick Csaky

Voyages Of Discovery                         BBC                                                   Chris Bould

The Prince’s Trust                               Indigo Television                               Oli Barry

Take One Museum                              BBC                                                  Chris Bould

Battlefield Detectives                           Granada                                            Bob Bentley

DoNation - Transplant                         BBC                                                   Lisa Mac Hale

Battlefield Detectives                           Granada                                            James Millar

The Week The Women Went              BBC                                                   Butch Stuttard

Weekend Dad                                      BBC                                                  Geoffrey Smith

Separating Twins                                 Touch Productions                            Malcolm Brinkworth

Vous Deux                                           Drive Thru/Universal Pictures           Lawrence Elman

Sometimes In April                              Special Treats/HBO                          Philip Ayres

Water For Life                                      Touch Productions                           Oli Barry

Your Life In Their Hands                      BBC                                                 Geoffrey Smith

Rough Diamonds                                 Ricochet                                           Oli Barry

The Private Life Of A Masterpiece       Fulmar                                              Bob Bentley

Building The Ultimate                          Granada                                            Marie Tracey/Mark

                                                         Elliot/James Millar

Diana Dors’ Missing Millions               Granada                                            Isabel Tang

Take It To The East                             Drive Thru/Jagged Films                  Lawrence Elman

Wilson                                                  Granada                                           Gareth Williams

Battlefield Detectives – Armada          Granada                                            Bill Lyons

Happy Architecture                              Just About Productions                    Steve Rankin

The Spying Game                               Mentorn Barraclough Carey              Mark Dowd

A Secret History Of Rail                      Juniper                                               Liza Hall

God’s Eunuch                                     Juniper                                               Liz Dobson

Everyman – Trapped                           BBC                                                  Nick Gray

Untold India                                        Takeaway Media                                Jim Burge/Neil Cameron

Going Critical                                      Darlow Smithson                               Stuart Everett

History Of Surveillance                       World Of Wonder                               Kate Williams

Equinox – The Joy Of Stress              Kugleblitz                                           Martin Durkin

People’s Planet                                   Antelope                                            Mike York/Chris Ralling

Trial And Error                                    Just TV                                              Greg Lanning

Dispatches – Britain’s Railways          Fulcrum                                             Peter Mimms

History Of Music Video                       World Of Wonder                              Fenton Bailley

The Secret History Of Civilisation       World Of Wonder                              Kate Williams/DevVarma

Dispatches – Most Dangerous Man    Just TV                                             Peter Mimms



Cooper CS106 6CH Mixer with Aux Mod

with loads of cables/extras & Peli case: £3,500.00

Darrell briggs (AMPS)

Sound Mixer/Recordist